By submitting this form, I indicate my intent to utilize transportation services provided by EACC. I agree to abide by all regulations and guidelines pertaining to this service. By submitting this form, I hereby release the Board of Trustees of East Arkansas Community College (EACC) and any of its officers, agents, or employees from any claim for injury, damage or loss arising out of my voluntary utilization of the offered transportation services. I also agree to indemnify and hold harmless the said Trustees, Officers, agents, and employees of EACC from any claim which may be made against them in relation to my voluntary utilization of these transportation services, including court costs and attorney’s fees. 

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Need Transportation to College?

For students interested in riding one of the EACC Daily Van Routes to and from the Main EACC Campus, please complete the online form and hit the SUBMIT button.

Vans run to campus ONCE DAILY before classes begin in the morning. The return trip runs ONCE DAILY after daytime classes end in the afternoon. There is no shuttle service during the day. Students may be notified of schedule changes or disruptions in service by phone, email, or text message, so be sure to provide accurate contact information below.

For more information about Van Routes or pick-up locations, contact Patricia Perkins at 633-5411